Airport Customer Assistance Program (ACAP)

Global Aviation Services Incorporated is a full service ground handling company that cater to our Clients requirements and go “ABOVE and BEYOND” expectations to deliver a safe, quality, on time, and environmentally conscientious service. The ACAP division provides an accessibility service to the travelling public. We provide a wide range of services to meet and exceed the needs of both our air carrier business partners and their passengers. We understand the sensitivity involved and the right for an equitable travelling experience for all passengers. We are committed to providing services to our business partners through:

  • Meet & greet of the passenger(s) at our common area pick-up points with our trained and uniformed ACAP Agents
  • Provide wheelchair full service from check-in to the gate
  • Provide wheelchair full service from gate to the public arrival’s area
  • Provide complete immobile carry-on/carry-off service onto and off the aircraft
  • Provide dedicated ACAP staff exclusive to our business partners (optional packages will vary based on the business partner’s requirements)

We are so confident in our Core Values of “Accountability, Respectfulness, and Trustworthiness” that we know we will meet and exceed all of your expectations.