Our friendly, well trained, respectful and trustworthy workforce will cater
to our Clients requirements and go “ABOVE and BEYOND” expectations to deliver safe,
quality, on time and environmentally conscientious service.


Our Team is totally accountable to our Customers by ensuring the aircraft we service depart safely,
cleaner and on time creating the ultimate in customer experience of their Clients and Guests.



  • We will take responsibility for all of our words and actions.
  • We will not blame others or ourselves.
  • We will be positive, responsive and proactive in all we do.
  • We will keep the work environment of our customers and colleagues Friendly and SAFE.


  • We will perform our work with a spirit of
    friendliness and cooperation
  • We will be confident in all we say and do
  • We will fix mistakes & correct wrongs
  • We will respond to criticism and negativity politely but firml


  • We will not damage our reputation or that of our customers, colleagues and competitors
  • We will be honest and forthright in all our dealings
  • We will apologize when we are wrong without equivocation.

A Global Aviation Services Company

In business since February 2009 and blessed with success, we are very excited to embark on a planned sustainable program of steady controlled growth.
ABOVE and BEYOND means we will consistently deliver above our competitors and beyond our customers’ expectations.
To better serve the aviation community, we are proud to be active and contributing members of the following organizations:
> Ground Handling International Conference (GHI)
> International Ground Handling Conference (IGHC)
> International Association of Airport Executives (IAAE) Canada
We previously served on the Georgian College Aviation Advisory Board and continue to support their Co-op Program and contribute to the Board’s scholarship fund.
GLOBAL executives support sustainable environmental initiatives, civil liberties, medical charities and the arts.

For us, it is all about YOU!
Open, honest, in depth dialogue with you helps us to understand your needs and desires. It is our Vision and Mission to listen intently and take what you share with us to deliver a consistently high quality service, specifically designed to meet all those needs. From our very professional aircraft specialists to the president himself, every one of us at GLOBAL Aviation will listen and most importantly – hear what you need to make YOU a star to your customers.
We all commit to doing our part in making that a reality. GLOBAL will ensure that you can sleep better at night knowing that you can count on us – ALL THE TIME, every time!