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As the result of our superior service in cabin grooming and aircraft appearance, Global has been requested by air carriers to provide a full range of ramp ground handling services for their operations at Tier II and Tier III airports.

As a result, continuing our policy of catering to the individual requirements of our customers, we are now adding a safe and high quality ramp support unit to our other services.

Our comprehensive services include:
Qualified Manpower & Technical Support (Ramp Personnel, Equipment & Support)
Provision of Qualified Manpower Resources and Services

Global Aviation Partners and Service En Aviation have qualified ramp support personnel to assist in your peak and seasonal operations. Services include baggage makeup, courier service, equipment fueling and lav servicing.

Global offers Communication Operations Control Centre services as well as centralised Operations Load Control and Baggage tracing.

We provide these services from a centralized location but would consider on location provision depending on logistics and efficiency.

For a quotation on these services please contact us for a 24 hr. response.

Let Global provide you with the best in FAST, PROFESSIONAL and RELIABLE service. Our trained staff is available 24/7 for ground services support.

We would love to show you how our team goes ABOVE and BEYOND your expectations. This is the Global way!